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A day in the shoes

As part of a Fletcher Building initiative, Laminex New Zealand General Manager Richard Pollington recently spent ‘a day in the shoes’ of the team at Laminex New Zealand’s plant in Hamilton.

Drastically different from his usual day of meetings and presentations Richard donned hi-vis and hard hat and a pair of safety shoes and hit the plant floor. The Hamilton plant produces Melteca quality decorated panels and processes many of the samples for the market-leading merchandising assets maintained by Laminex NZ in customer offices and showrooms across the country.  In his temporary role Richard joined various teams learning about the paper collation and inspection processes and producing Melteca sample chips. His key tasks for the day included making sure faulty board was identified, and packing details matched the product for dispatch. Treated as ‘one of the team’ Richard enjoyed this deviation from his regular duties and felt a sense of responsibility when left in charge of various processes.  At the Hamilton plant, Richard experienced the pride that the team have in their performance as individuals and as a team, and really felt that the customer was held at the centre of everything undertaken. “Each person is considered a key part of the process of getting orders out to customers, this means focusing on quality, lead times, flexibility and listening to feedback” says Richard, who would highly recommend the experience not only to other Laminex New Zealand and Fletcher Building employees, but to everyone in business who seeks to improve their processes and be truly customer leading.