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Create a space that reflects your inspiration with Melteca® Purecoat™


Laminex New Zealand introduces Melteca® Purecoat™ panels next month, featuring new cutting edge technologies in surface design and protection.

The high-gloss panels are stain and scratch resistant, easy to clean and include anti-microbial properties.  Ideal for residential and commercial use, the panels are suitable for vertical applications such as drawers, cabinet doors, wall linings and large feature walls. 

Available in six contemporary colours, Rob Jackson, marketing development manager believes the new product is an exciting step forward.  “The decors in the range were chosen to complement popular residential paint colours as well as some striking bold colours to provide accents for interior statements.”  “We are excited about this new edition to the Melteca family and look forward to this premium product being a regular feature in kitchens, and other interior spaces across the country.”

The Melteca Purecoat panels are produced using innovative coating technology bonded to a high quality, moisture resistant E0 MDF substrate. The coating contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and the surfaces are  cured using ultraviolet light. The surface offers a higher level of scratch resistance compared to many traditional two pack paint systems, high gloss vinyl and high gloss acrylic panels. 

Melteca Purecoat utilises Protec+™ anti-microbial technology making it ideal for applications where hygiene is critical. Protec+ provides long term and effective antimicrobial properties, reducing the overall level of harmful bacteria in the environment and the likelihood of cross contamination. A range of high gloss matched edging is available, providing a functional and durable edge treatment.

Manufactured locally since its launch in 1983, Melteca is a New Zealand made product which has grown over the years to become a market leading pre-decorated panel that’s a regular feature in kitchens across the country.

Versatility has been the key to Melteca’s success. With a varied, design-leading colour palette, durable surfaces, and a huge range of potential applications from cupboards, drawers, shelving, furniture and vertical applications, unsurprisingly Melteca is Laminex New Zealand’s biggest seller. All products within the Melteca collection are available with the reassurance of a 7 year limited warranty.

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