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Rigid, Rapid & Reliable - Trade Essentials Strandsarking®

Trade Essentials Strandsarking® is a 16.3mm (nominal) thick, high density reconstituted wood panel specifically formulated for use as a roof sarking material under roofing.  BRANZ appraised (No. 946 (2016)) for roofing applications down to a pitch of 2 degrees, H3.1 resin provides increased weathering performance with the added benefit of meeting New Zealand building requirements.

Proudly made in New Zealand from sustainable radiata pine forests, Strandsarking provides a number of advantages when compared to alternate solutions.

  • A 3600mm x 800mm panel size makes the board easier to pass up between the trusses.  The extra length spans an extra truss reducing the double fixing at sheet ends
  • Provides less wastage; Strandsarking has no face grain so it can be laid in any direction, with a maximum span of 900mm
  • Has a textured surface to provide a more slip resistant surface than is available with smooth sanded panel products
  • Has been manufactured using sustainable plantation grown radiata pine, a highly durable formaldehyde free resin, wax to improve moisture resistance, and non-solvent based organic preservative chemicals
  • With every strand of the board exposed to the preservative treatment, cut edges do not require further treatment on site (H3.1 treated)
  • No delamination or checking
  • More rigid substrate which minimises the propensity for the board to sag between the trusses, giving a flatter and more pristine roofline
  • Can be used in wind zones up to and including Extra High as specified in NZS 3604


For further information about Trade Essentials Strandsarking, including installation information, please visit our website.


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