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Technical Services team

Laminex NZ provides the industry’s highest level of technical support for all our product ranges with a focused team of product technical experts to assist with information, installation, building code requirements and technical support..

  Murray Christensen

  Title: Benchtop Surfaces Technical Specialist

  What your role entails:

  •    Handling technical queries on Caesarstone, Laminex Solid Surface, Formica and Laminex High Pressure Laminates, Laminam and to a lesser extent all other products

  •    Training and technical assistance for Laminex Solid Surface

  •    Testing and trialling of existing and new products

  •    Technical advice for designers and architects at the design stage

  •    Assisting with marketing and promotions

  How long you’ve been with Laminex NZ: Employed full time for nearly 4 years. Prior to that a customer of Laminex NZ  and Laminex Australia for 26 years and contracted since 2004 as trainer and technical adviser on Solid Surface. I have an Advanced Trade Certificate in Cabinetmaking with eight years joinery experience, before focusing on benchtop manufacturing from 1987, specialising in the later years on thermoforming Solid Surface both in NZ and in Queensland.

Your focus for the next 3 months: Much of the same - a large portion of my role depends on what happens in the market but aiming to assist the specification and sales teams to educate customers on the value of our products.

How you will help our customers: I am available to advise on any technical challenges they should encounter.

 Stephen Harding

Title: Technical Services Manager 

What your role entails: Providing technical support around a range of products primarily sold through the distribution channel (merchants), assisting with product performance issues and product training. Focusing on Laminex Aquapanel, Seratone, Strandfloor and to a lesser extent Melteca, Superfine, Strandboard and other board products such as Hardboard and Lakepine.

How long you’ve been with Laminex NZ: 29.5 years with Laminex NZ, and prior to that 11 years+ as a builder.

Your focus for the next 3 months: Training staff and customers and planning to ensure that the team is well prepared for my upcoming (and much needed) holiday!

How you will help our customers: I provide information to allow our customers to make logical decisions when using Laminex NZ products. I help them to ascertain if a product is right for their particular job, and where an issue has arisen, if the best option is to fix or replace the product concerned.

Michael Pacey

Title: Technical Services Manager - Benchtops

What your role entails: I largely operate in the South Island and lower North Island. I also provide support over phone or via email for reps and customers across the country. The main products that I deal with are the benchtop products with a special focus on Formica and Laminex High Pressure Laminate.  Key parts of my role include educating fabricators, specifiers and consumers on the benefits, possibilities and limitations of our products.

I also resolve issues of possible product failure both in the workshop and day to day use and work with customers to ensure that they are using our products correctly and are aware of the issues of using the products incorrectly.

How long you’ve been with Laminex NZ: I have been working at Laminex NZ for 5 and a half years and in my current role for 1 year.

Prior to my current role I worked in the Christchurch market as a Trade Rep with a focus on the local benchtop fabricators and stonemasons. Part of this role was acting as an assistant in the Christchurch market to the previous Technical Services Manager who was based in Dunedin.

Previous to working with Laminex I worked for a housing company in London as an Aftersales Coordinator liaising with the owners of new build properties snagging or perceived snagging issues and managing the completion of the defects period.  Earlier employment included a number of years working in sales for a steel company.

Your focus for the next 3 months: My focus over the next 3 months is to spend quality time in the market away from my home base of Christchurch following having to stay close to home for a few months due to a new addition to the family. I will also be re-educating the Sales staff and Christchurch DC dispatch team on the acceptable standards the High Pressure Laminate being dispatched into the market to ensure that they are aware of the expectations of the market.

How you will help our customers: I ensure that warranty issues are dealt with in as timely fashion as practical and resolve issues of product failure.

I ensure that technical details of new products and or developments in products are shared through out the market.

I provide technical assistance with benchtop products with a focus on laminates (but not limited to Laminates), and give advice on how to remove troublesome stains and revitalise older tops (a very popular discussion point).