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Trade Essentials Strandsarking is a high density reconstituted wood panel bonded with moisture-resistant resin and wax, specifically formulated for use as a roof sarking material under shingles and other similar types of roofing products.

Is suitable to be used in roofing applications with a roof pitch of 2º or greater.

Can be used with roofing materials weighing up to 150 kg/m².

Is nominally 16.3mm thick and has a textured surface to provide a more slip resistant surface that is available with smooth sanded panel products.


Limitations on Use

Strandsarking should not be used on surfaces less than 2 degrees, decks and trafficable areas.

Strandsarking should not be used on buildings outside of the scope of NZS 3604.

For full list of limitations, please consult the Strandsarking technical data sheets:


Strandsarking tech data sheet pitched roof

Strandsarking tech data sheet low sloped roof

Strandsarking fact sheet 

Strandsarking fact sheet (Mandarin)

Strandsarking Technical Brochure