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Seratone's versatile range of vertical solutions sets the tone for inspiring and creative designs of modern interior living and work spaces - it allows functionality and aesthetics to go hand in hand from homes to corporate and medical settings. Seratone inspires you to free your mind, simplify life and escape the mundane with your own colour story.


UV Coating Technology

Seratone panels are produced using UV coating technology. Paint contains no Volatile Organic Compounds and is fully cured using UV light. Panels possess a tough glass-like finish which is stain, steam and moisture resistant. The UV cured surface offers improved scratch and chemical resistance when compared to similar two pack paint systems.


Antimicrobial Protection

An antimicrobial silver additive in the UV clear coat protects all Seratone panels against microbial activity. This makes Seratone ideal for applications where hygiene is critical. The additive used in Seratone panels gives them long term and effective antimicrobial properties, reducing the overall level of harmful bacteria in the environment and the likelihood of cross contamination.


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Seratone Polar Gloss - Kitchen Wall Lining & Splashback



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