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Strong high density panels made from glued and pressed wood flakes, Strandboard is an ideal cost-effective and durable overlay flooring solution for residential and commercial settings. It can also be used for wall panels, ceilings and stairs, and as an overly where a decorative look is needed.  It has high impact resistence and has high aesthetic appeal.  Strandboard is identified by its characteristic wood strand surface. The resin used has been developed to resist the effects of moisture in areas of high humidity and reduce the emission of formaldehyde.  Its uses include wall and ceiling linings, partitions in general areas including changing rooms and toilets, flooring overlays, general cabinet carcass work and wall bracing. 


Strandboard® is declared as Red List Free in the Declare Products Database. This is a globally recognised nutrition label for the building products industry, formed as part of the Living Building Challenge. Red List Free products have all ingredients disclosed in the Declare database and none of those ingredients appear on the Living Building Challenge Red List.                                                                                 


Strandboard Brochure


Strandboard® is the trademark of Juken NZ Ltd and is marketed and distributed by Laminex Zealand.